Full Facility Management

RUK offers full facility management at different levels to best services you! Different programs include:

- 100% management of the home.  We employ all staffing in the home as well as run the business.

- Over-site of current staffing. Weekly visits to each home to work with administration staffing, develop target plans, 24 hour support to staffing,

-Employment of Administrator of the Home.  *Most Popular*

         - RUK Employs the Administrator that is placed in your home and works directly with your staff.  RUK ensures your satisfaction with      administration group that is put in Place.  RUK has a track record of increasing occupancy and profits for homes managed.

Current Groups Managed:

Rosewood of PA

   - Rosewood of the Ohio Valley

DHS approved Master Consultants

RUK has master consultants that are approved through the Department of Human Services to assist homes that are in licensing trouble and are being fined.

Temporary Administration Staffing

RUK offers temporary Personal Care and Assisted Living Administrators to work with your home. 

ruk properties offers many levels of management solutions for senior living homes

 Senior Living Consulting and Facility Management